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In case you needed another reason to go heliskiing in Revelstoke…

September 22nd, 2008 by skigreenguy | Filed under Canada, Ski Resorts, Ski Vacations.

Eagle Pass Heliskiing will offer ski ecotourist a way to offset the carbon emissions caused by their clients’ use of a helicopter for their ultimate skiing experience.

Eagle Pass Heliskiing is giving its clients the option to offset the carbon emissions created by their helicopter skiing adventure. (photo: EPH)

As reported in First Tracks, each guest has the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions and contribute to slowing climate change and global warming by buying carbon credits from the Canadian offset organization, Planetair, through the reservations process.

The renewable energy and energy efficient projects they will be supporting prevent as much greenhouse gas from entering into the atmosphere as they have released during their helicopter-accessed skiing adventure.

Have your cake and eat it too? Tune in for more on flying and carbon offsets.

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