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March 31st, 2009 by skigreenguy | Filed under How to Ski Green.
Two dollars and the polar bear lives?

Two dollars and the polar bear lives?

Be sure to check out the “other” skigreen website sponsored by CLIF® BAR and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). Along with your ideas on how to ski green, they are looking for your personal stories and photos. The site sponsors the Skigreen Carborn Offset Program. While this program does not help “green” the local ski area, it provides individual skiers an easy way to offset the pollution they create driving up to the ski area. Mini-Carbon Offsets are two dollars and can be purchased at the ticket window with daily lift passes or with season pass sales. Anyone else smell like greenwash here? I do. The proceeds from Mini-Carbon Offsets sales are used towards supporting renewable energy through BEF, on behalf of the ski area guest who has purchased the Mini-Carbon Offset.

As discussed in a previous post on carbon offsets here at, buyers should do homework regarding the credibility of individual carbon offset programs. Too often these programs are more public relations greenwash used to reduce to guild associated with, say, blasting your V-8 SUV up Vail Pass. The BEF program is certified by the Center for Resource Solutions – Green-e® ClimateProgram.

Top tips from this blog include:

  • Own a fuel efficient vehicle
  • Car pool (getting to the slopes is the single biggest impact an individual skier makes)
  • Reuse equipment: purchase/sell gear at a local ski swap
  • Reuse water bottles or use the collapsible platypus Platy Sports Water Bottle (size and shape is ideally suited for ski coat pockets)
  • Live and work in a mountain town (Top Pick!)

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