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Read Instructions for Contacting Dave Meyer

Spam is a fact of life. Each night, while we sleep safely in our beds, software programs written by spammers troll for email addresses placed on web pages like this one. Each morning, my in-box is full of emails from Nigerian Bank presidents and Viagara offers. Lucky me.

So if you (a real person) want to contact me (a real person) we have to trick the software. I’ll read anything with the words “real person” somewhere in the subject line of your message. If it’s not there, your message goes straight into the trash. I respond to email so if you don’t hear back from me in a few days it is possible your email still got blocked by my spam filters. By the way, hotmail and yahoo accounts send the most spam so they face the toughest scrutiny. If you suspect that to be the case, try emailing me again using a different email account. There. Now just click on my name at the top or bottom of this page and write your email.

But if your message to me is a question about the content of the site, ideas for skiing green, something that anyone besides me might find interesting, please consider leaving it as a blog comment — that way our entire community can benefit from (and contribute to) our communication and I’ll be more likely to respond in detail.

Sorry for the long explanation for such a simple task. But then again, who said computers would make our lives easier?

Thanks for your comments and messages.