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How to Ski Green

September 3rd, 2009 by skigreenguy | Comments Off | Filed in Green Ski Transportation, How to Ski Green, Ski Vacations
Skiing the deep at Aspen?

Skiing the deep at Aspen?

“Alpine skiing” and “living green” do not seem compatible. Flat land skiers jet across the country, rent SUVs, and drive a few more hours to mountain homes or condominiums. While they sleep, snow guns blast a fresh layer of snow and legions of snow cats prepare thousands of acres of groom slopes. That’s a lot of greenhouse gas just to escape New Jersey for a week.

So how can an individual skier reduce the carbon emissions of this sport? (more…)

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Mini-Carbon Offsets at

March 31st, 2009 by skigreenguy | 1 Comment | Filed in How to Ski Green
Two dollars and the polar bear lives?

Two dollars and the polar bear lives?

Be sure to check out the “other” skigreen website sponsored by CLIF® BAR and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). Along with your ideas on how to ski green, they are looking for your personal stories and photos. The site sponsors the Skigreen Carborn Offset Program. While this program does not help “green” the local ski area, it provides individual skiers an easy way to offset the pollution they create driving up to the ski area. Mini-Carbon Offsets are two dollars and can be purchased at the ticket window with daily lift passes or with season pass sales. Anyone else smell like greenwash here? I do. (more…)

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Keystone Announces Carpooling Incentive Program

December 4th, 2008 by skigreenguy | Comments Off | Filed in Ecotravel, Green Ski Transportation, How to Ski Green, Ski Resorts, Ski Vacations, United States

Keystone Resort announced last Wednesday a new carpool incentive program that encourages skiers and riders to drive together to the popular Colorado ski resort. Skiers and riders who arrive at Keystone Resort with four or more people in a car will be able to park in a premier parking section in Keystone’s Montezuma Parking Lot which is a short walk to the new River Run Gondola.

“As one of the closest major resorts to the Front Range, Keystone chose to develop a program that encourages carpooling among our guests to our Resort. This program will help alleviate congestion on I-70 and also help protect the environment,” said Pat Campbell, Chief Operating Office of Keystone Resort.

Demonstrating that sustainable alternatives can be more convenient than current solutions, the premier parking is available on a first-come, first served basis and will be open for guests everyday throughout the ski season. Keystone parking attendants will direct any car that meets these requirements to the close-in section. The carpool parking will be open during peak hours of the morning until 11 a.m. or the lot is full each day.

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Making it Convenient: Green Psychology and Human Behavior

November 17th, 2008 by skigreenguy | 2 Comments | Filed in Ecotravel, Green Ski Transportation, How to Ski Green, Policy & Social Change, Ski Vacations

Green Watch was a twitter project done by the La Marguerite, a blog focused on “behavioral solutions to global warming” as well as marketing its own consulting services. They make a couple of interesting points that seem relevant to skiing green:

1. We are addicted to convenience, even more than to things. Rather than fighting that addiction, we should focus on sustainable alternatives that are more convenient that current solutions.

Last year at Breckenridge, Colorado I used the Summit Stage bus system to get to the lift. If you’ve ever tried parking at Breck on a powder day at 8:30 am, you know that the bus is much faster and easier: hop on the bus, smile and nod at the other folks NOT scraping their windshields, and hop off at the lift. Better yet, the parking costs money but riding the bus is free. Green alternatives need to be both cleaner and more convenient than the technologies they replace. By the way, if you don’t want to pay for a condo in Breckenridge, check out for a free place to stay (and it will probably be on the bus system too).

2. The switch from car to alternative low-energy modes of transportation requires that people experience first hand the superior benefits of those alternatives.

Over the last year I’ve tried to ride my bike for any trip less than five miles from my house. Once I got into the habit, I realized that biking took no more time than driving, avoided parking problems, got me talking with my neighbors more and cost me nothing. Best of all, the extra exercise will help me live longer. Benefits of bicycling—a small step in living green—need to be more than “understood,” they need to be experienced before they are real.

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Survey Results: Are You an Eco-Hypocrite?

October 14th, 2008 by skigreenguy | Comments Off | Filed in Airlines, Ecotravel, How to Ski Green, Ski Vacations

ecohypocriteA survey of over 200 people, along with focus groups and in-depth interviews found that even the most committed environmentalists – identified by green trademarks such as shopping ethically, installing water and energy saving appliances and recycling – would not be prepared to accept extra ‘green taxes’ and are deeply skeptical of the carbon offsetting schemes designed to mitigate them. How does this square with the eco-skier, those enlightened powder fiends who faithfully recycle and install fluorescent bulbs? Not very well. (more…)

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Ski Green Guide: What Gives Us That Natural High?

September 29th, 2008 by skigreenguy | Comments Off | Filed in How to Ski Green

In a 2005 paper published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, authors F. Stephan Mayer and Cynthia MacPherson Franz of Oberlin College argue that the more connection a person (or presumably a culture) feels to nature, the more likely they are to live sustainably and to support political policy that sustains our planetary habitat.

They write that ecologists:

Are we missing the forest through the trees?

Are we missing the forest through the trees?

“have argued that this connection to nature is a key component of fostering ecological behavior. For example, the influential ecologist Leopold (1949) wrote years ago: ‘We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a commodity to which we belong, we begin to use with love and respect.’ Ecopsychologists have echoed Leopold’s statement that feeling a sense of belonging to a broader natural community may be a prerequisite for increasing environmental protection.”

Citing this paper, a blog I read, noimpactman, posed an interesting question this summer: (more…)

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No Car Needed! Green Ski Transportation in New England, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Canada

September 24th, 2008 by skigreenguy | 1 Comment | Filed in Ecotravel, Green Ski Transportation, Ski Resorts, Ski Vacations, United States

Driving a SUV up a mountainside has a high cost in both gas money and carbon emissions. Here are some ski green transportation ideas for folks in New England, Colorado and Utah that help you save money and reduce your environmental impact. Better yet, you can relax, look out the window and enjoy the journey.


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Copper Mountain trying to clean up its act

September 23rd, 2008 by skigreenguy | Comments Off | Filed in How to Ski Green, United States

Copper Mountain ski area in Colorado released the Colorado ski and snowboard resort’s 2008 Environmental Report on Tuesday, highlighting Copper’s existing and upcoming environmental initiatives, including (more…)

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Grand Targhee Gets Real About Greenhouse Gas Emissions

September 18th, 2008 by skigreenguy | Comments Off | Filed in Green Ski Transportation, Ski Resorts, Ski Vacations, United States

Grand Targhee Resort is the first in the US ski industry to voluntarily commit to measure, independently verify and publicly report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on an annual basis utilizing the Climate Registry General Reporting Protocol. The protocol is based on the internationally recognized GHG measurement standards of the World Resources Institute and World Business Council on Sustainability.


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Ski Green Tips

September 14th, 2008 by skigreenguy | Comments Off | Filed in How to Ski Green

What are you doing to help lessen the impact your skiing has on the earth? Buying a smaller car? Taking fewer (but longer) ski vacations? Car pooling to your local ski area? Post your comments to build a database of ideas!

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